Originally from Cusco Perú with passion for art & culture.

The goal: Beautiful things like helping others to support their independent designs. My goal to help and touch people´s life with fun tips, amazing landscapes, hidden treasures and finding international emerging designers worldwide.

The reason: Show the beauty of art in every shape, texture and form made by international emerging artists.

Who am I? International marketer, former flight attendant with a creative soul. Enjoy traveling into unvailed spots, hoping to inspire and support those who has magic to create a smile.

Why write a blog here?. Showcase independent designers  worldwide. Let’s spread the word together:  “There is magic out there”

Would you like to join our creativesoul team?.

We want to showcase your art, talent and passion for making unique pieces.

Get your designs more exposure is our goal!

Contact us:

Special Note: the author of this blog cooperates with images from photographers Azin Nab and Jacqueline Carsbo. Do not distribute the photos without the consent from this page.

Please check also:

Azin Nab:

Jacqueline Carsbo: ,


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