“Crochet Desire” by María de Jesús Romo

Hello Successful Women,

Have you grab those high heels yet and got ready to start your own success?

In this blog, we present a creative woman from Jalisco, México. Soul crochet designer María de Jesús Romo aiming to share her art with all of us presenting a colorful, vibrant and energetic style for all of us who like to shine and have a little bit of extra color on our lives.

The elements included in this collection are taken from local threads and materials from México,Lindo from a beautiful town called San Ignacio Cerro Gordo.

Let’s take a look,

This year my lucky charm color is blue, I love the necklace and the flower crochet patterns, this item includes a bracelet . What can I say I also love crystals, this is fantastic complement for my black dress and create a casual look for heading to work.


We had a short creative discussion about “Crochet desire”. So, I asked our CreativeDesigner what is your inspiration María de Jesús?.  ” Bueno, me gusta mucho los colores fuertes, la moda se lleva de la mano con la alegría  si vives una vida dinámica con energía amas la naturaleza ¿Porqué no agregar y resaltar más ese toque colorido y vibrante en el estilo de cada mujer?” .  She talks with a smile mentioning her joy for strong colors, she also  refers to fashion goes hand in hand with joy and if you live a dynamic life with energy you love nature, why not add and highlight that color touch in every women’s style. We definitely agree with her. 

Our featured photographer Azin Abdi here catching the essence of the materials and convert María de Jesús’s designs into a unique collection of Crochet Designs.

558813_435406309856111_744680448_n (1) IMG_9340 IMG_9351 IMG_9384 IMG_9368 IMG_8615


Doesn’t make you feel you want to wear all this beautiful designs?. Let’s check  Irsa Amerian our FINA MIA official model and part of the CreativeInternationalSouls team showing off her great styles wearing “Crochet Desire”

Girls just wanna have  FUN FUN FUN right?

photo (16)


This rainbow of crochet jewellery, handmade from the colorful and energetic María de Jesús is an absolutely perfect collection for headbands, bracelets and earrings to accentuate your outfit. Also, we have seen on the magazines and social media, upcoming Spring trends are involving crochet patterns in clothing, jewellery and other accessories where Neon colors are the stars of most collections.


Crochet Desire connect the women’s soul for excitement with her attitude to always shine.

More of the collection available at FINA MIA.

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About CreativeLatinSoul

Some might say women are so freaking complicated but we take life with small sweet bites, taste each moment like having a chocolate cup with sparkly cinnamon on a winter snowy day. Because we like to risk, we love to shine and we adore to be just the way we are.
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2 Responses to “Crochet Desire” by María de Jesús Romo

  1. Lovely designs – unique and beautifully crafted. Thank you for sharing and best of luck to Maria with her sales.

    • FINA MIA says:

      Thank you very much for following us @talulahlee you are an inspiration for us too. I will show this comment to Maria she will be happy to see the replies. Gracias!

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